Mano Mažasis Ponis S03E11 Just For Sidekicks

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Mano Mažasis Ponis S03E11 Just For Sidekicks

Rašyti by Fluttershy on Št. 01 26, 2013 8:53 pm

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Spike runs out of gems to use for baking a cake, but comes up with the idea to offer to pet-sit for Twilight and her friends while they are off to the Crystal Empire in exchange for gems. Spike finds the task much more daunting than expected and has no time to make the gems into a cake, and ends up spending his gems to try to restrain the pets. Ultimately, he, the pets, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders end up on a train to the Crystal Empire, and Spike fears being shown a fraud when he admits to the pets he put himself over their needs. The pets cooperate, and stay quiet until the train returns to Ponyville, where Spike happily returns the pets to their owners.

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